18 November, 2014


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Evening of Elegance:  Koenigsball

Group Photo of the participants at the Königsball.

Sterling Heights  This year’s Königsball honoring Queens Elizabeth Pesta & Erika Schleis and King Michael Bering was a fun filled evening for all who attended. It seemed as if the dance floor was never empty, whether it was the Jugendgruppe performing or people dancing away to the sound of Sorgenbrecher.

As always, the program began with the royal entrance in which the King looked very regal as he entered with the two beautiful Queens. The rest of the royal court consisted of flower girls; Reese Mueller & Sabrina Stahlberger, escorts; Brett Roek & Evan Schleis, and guards; Joseph & Francesco Nava. The royal menu followed, giving everyone a view of fine wines and delicious foods they could win later at the raffle. This was followed by a great performance by the Kinder and Middle Groups.

Next came the introduction of the Jugendgruppe and, what everyone was waiting for, the dance. The Jugendgruppe practiced long and hard for the evening and performed wonderfully. Karin Schwalbe did an excellent job with, not only, teaching the kids but the choreography as well. It should be noted that of the twenty-four kids who danced seven of them were dancing Königsball for the very first time this year. Congratulations to Nathan Amann, Aidan Bullock, Joshua Bullock, Nicholes Burnette, Erika Forest, Karina Ochss, and Leah Stampfer. We hope you continue dancing for many more years. There was an encore performance later in the evening. An English Waltz to add to the elegant theme of the evening. I developed the choreography for the waltz, although I did have some help from the kids as well as my mother, and I would like to say that everyone who danced it did a wonderful job.

Along with all of the planned events we all received a special surprise when we watched Hans Geyer, a former Detroit Jugendgruppe member, get down on one knee and propose to Kristel Metsig, a member of the Milwaukee Donauschwaben. For those wondering, she did say yes. On behalf of the Carpathia Jugendgruppe I would like to say congratulations Hans and Kristel. We wish you all the best.

As many of you know the night doesn’t end for the Jugend once we leave the hall. That being said, we would like to say thank you to Bob and Anna Stampfer who generously donated the pig they won at the raffle to the kids for the after party. It certainly didn’t go to waste. Again, Thank You.

Overall, it was a near unforgettable night. I say near because those who had too much fun may have forgotten some details but still remember it was a great night. Now we look forward to the events to follow, all celebrating our Club’s 100th Year Anniversary, and see if we can top this night again and again.

Paul Schwalbe



Last modified on:08/25/2014

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