18 November, 2014


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Queen Brigitte and King Daniel honored Koenigsball of the Carpathia Youthgroup

All participants of the Carpathia Königsball 2014 had a great time.

Carpathia youth group’s Königsball was again a night to remember. A fairytale re-enacted.   


Sterling Heights - On Saturday, February 8th, was the Königsball of the Jugendgruppe. Despite the frigid weather, the Carpathia Club was nearly filled with friends and family who had come to enjoy the evening. The night went pretty much the same as it has for years, with a few exceptions.

The King, Daniel Kapraun, was actually absent for the program. Thankfully, our past king, Michael Bering, was willing to step in and escort the current Queen, Brigitte Schwager, for the Royal March. Once the Queen was settled in her place at the head of the stage, the Kinder & Middle Groups performed a dance for everyone to enjoy. Following them was the procession of the Royal Menu, which included delicious looking meats, wines, cakes and a very inedible snow shovel. Then it was time for the Jugendgruppe to perform their new dance. 

While the introductions were done in the same format as it has been for the past several years, it can be said that this one had one big difference. Among the 28 dancers we had, nine of them were performing their very first Königsball with the Jugendgruppe. Seven had recently moved up from the Middle Group, and they are: John Tisch, Elena Miller, Evan Schleis, Sebastion Cole, and Joseph, Francesco, and Maria Nava. Though this wasn’t the first Königsball she’d been to, for Heather Hacker, who moved to Detroit from the Milwaukee Donauschwaben, this was her first time dancing at one. And one young man needs to be recognized above all. David Isbell came to the group knowing we were in need of more boys. He had no dance experience at all, but learned fast and did a wonderful job. That being said, congratulations David, on a wonderful job and the Jugendgruppe thanks you for helping us out.

It should be noted that the Nava triplets, now in the Jugendgruppe, represented for the first time three generations of the same family to dance in the group. Starting with their grandparents, Maria, then Krautner, and Franz Dosenberger, whose daughter Christine danced, and now her children Joseph, Francesco and Maria.

The music for this year‘s dance was Lehar’s “Gold and Silver Waltz,” and  was choreographed jointly by Karin Schwalbe and my-self. Though the dance went extremely well the night of Königsball, both my mother and I learned that choreographing elegant ballroom style waltzes and marches is quite a challenge. They don’t work quite the same as the Volkstänze we are used to, and they are much more difficult to teach, especially with many in the Jugendgruppe being absent due to work, school, and other things. In truth, the only time we ever had everyone do the dance together was the night of the actual performance. Thankfully we have a group full of talented dancers who made the dance look easy and elegant.

The rest of the evening carried on with music by the Tradewinds and a floor full of dancers. We even had a second Royal March when King Daniel arrived. The last event of the evening was the raffling of the Royal Menu, though I have to add that the snow shovel was not part of it.

Regardless of any difficulties that arise with preparing for Königsball, it is still one of my favorite events of the year, and I have no doubt it’ll be a great time again next year. It is always a pleasure to mix up the types of dancing we do, but now it is time for the Jugendgruppe to get back into the swing of traditional Volkstänze and begin preparing for our busy schedule this year. We hope to see you at our own Club Fests and for the Landestreffen der Donauschwaben in Milwaukee, WI. 

 Paul Schwalbe

Queen Brigitte and King Daniel

You can find more pictures at  www..seubert.zenfolio.com



Last modified on:02/25/2014

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