18 November, 2014


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Antique Schaumburg Trachten and more at the 2014 Florida German Heritagefest

Susanne Nielsen 2. v. l.

Susanne Nielsen shared her nor-thern German Heritage

Cape Coral - Not Schaumburg, Il, but Schaumburg in Germany was the “hit of the party” when Susanne Nielsen, president of the Tampa based Cultural Center for German Language and host/owner of the Deutsche Funksendung/German Radio Show (www.germanradioshow.com), generously shared her precious collection of Schaumburger  (Lindhorst & Bückeburg) Trachten and their history with an audience of over 600 at the German Heritagefest 2014. One lady wore a Schwarzwald Tracht with authentic (Guttacher Bollenhut) hat provided by the Cape Coral club.   Susanne Nielsen and volunteers from the Cape Coral Club wore the regional outfits at the Heritage Day celebration on March 23rd, at which over 600 of members of Florida’s German American Clubs came to visit this club. 

The Cape Coral club’s Cultural committee chair Dorothea Degenhardt  coordinated and found Marianne Kurzmann, Waltraud Dietz, Eva Essmann, Mildred Tabertshofer, Gloria Bleser and Ann Tomey to participate in the presentation of historical Trachten.Three ladies who wore the three extra Schaumburg (Bueckeburg/Lindhorst, Midwife/Bride ) Trachten and demonstrated the transition from Midwife to bride. One of the volunteers wore with the Schwarzwaldtracht the authentic Guttacher “Bollen”-hat with its large red pompoms, provided by the Cape Coral Club.

Another two members wore Spreewald ( Hannelore Eichner), Foehr(Friesland) and (with lighter Bollenhut for  youth) Schwarzwald Tracht. One gentleman, member of Miami’s Schuhplattler dancers represented the group’s Miesbach Tracht, another gentleman wore the typical men’s blueand white striped shirt and blue cap from the Hamburg/northern islands area.

Star among the annually returning Tracht presenters was master Carpenter Bernd Martens, who is the oldest living „Zimmermannsmeister” (master carpenter) of his carpenter’s guild. He is listed in the book for all German traveling carpenters who may stop when in Daytona, Florida, as they travel and work during their prescribed „3 years and one day” required to their apprenticeship.

German food of Sauerbraten, Spätzle and red cabbage in a „gemütliche” Atmosphere of the club house of the German American club of Cape Coral, a program of Schuhplattler dancers, a Choir that sang German folk songs and the living Trachten display throughout the day made the    German Heritage Fest the well-rounded heritage celebration for German Americans in Florida on Sunday March 23 a big success. Susanne Nielsen, History/Humanities university instructor, provided the history of these regional costumes worn since the 1600s and finding their most elaborate manifestation among the rich farmers of the 19th century. 

The United German American Society of Florida who organizes the annual gathering of all German American clubs, gave special thanks to Susanne Nielsen of Tampa for bringing the Trachten. Her  volunteers wore their Tracht during most of the festival , providing conversation and colorful photo opportunities for all to celebrate our German heritage.

March 29th, the German Radio Show brings the speeches by UGASFlorida.org’s president Kurt Freiterer and club Secretary Charlotte Kappel and Miami German Consul General Juergen Borsch  ( www.germanradioshow.blogspot.com ) with many photos of the event in its blog (www.germanradioshow.blogspot.com) . This show will remain in the archives, so can be accessed long after it runs March 30th,2014.

Susanne Nielsen and German Consul General Jürgen Borsch.



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