18 November, 2014


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Carpathia Blasmusikanten Spring Concert and Fundraiser

Twenty-two Blasmusikanten, Monique Bates and Matt Eichmann, the musical director, on vocals, performed.

By Kathi Steiner Cole

What an amazing evening!  The Carpathia Blasmusikanten had their first Spring Concert on Saturday, March 22.  The band members came early at 4 pm to warm up and for final sound checks.  At 5 pm the doors opened, and the excited guests began to arrive.  The delicious aroma of Carpathia’s famous Goulash, as well as the assorted sausages greeted them.  The tables were elegantly decorated with a musical theme, and the fresh roses glowed in the candlelight.  The program began at 7 pm when the twenty-two Blasmusikanten made their entrance and took their seats amid great applause. Karin Schwalbe, Carpathia’s new president, opened the evening when she spoke to the audience and welcomed them to our inaugural concert.  She also introduced the members of the audience to the Carpathia Blasmusikanten and welcomed Carpathia’s newest Untergruppe to the club.

Matt Eichmann, the musical director, had prepared a wonderful repertoire of Egerländer music for this evening’s concert.  Monique Bates accompanied Matt with the vocals, adding to the enjoyment of the performance with her beautiful voice.  Our MC tonight was Richard Wagner (trumpet), who was most entertaining with his lively commentary and announcements.  Ending the first half of the program was a spirited solo für zwei Trommeln, “Der Solotrommlermarsch,” done by Nick Bering and Paul Schwalbe.  They were phantastisch!  Then, to the delight of the audience, they did an encore! 

An intermission followed, giving everyone a chance to stretch their legs, mingle, get a drink, and visit the much talked-about cake table.  Everyone was looking over the fine selection of traditional Tortes, Rouladen and Käsekuchen, to name just a few, all donated by dedicated bakers.  So hard to choose!  A special surprise were the ever-popular Kipfel, which, of course, promptly sold out. The Raffle crew was busy as well selling tickets and promising all some exciting prizes. Especially nice, however, were the many compliments the guests gave as they greeted and chatted with the Blasmusikanten.  As the intermission ended, all made their way back to their tables, happily laden with Kuchen, Kaffee, Kipfeln and raffle tickets.

The second half of the program commenced with two lively songs that set toes tapping, Andulka Marsch and Egerländer Marsh.” A special highlight was the moving rendition of the “Flügelhorn Serenade,”with solos done by Austin Flowers (Flügelhorn) and Duane Emrick (Tenorhorn).  Quite a few in the audience were caught wiping their eyes when this song ended.  As promised, the Raffle was also done during this half, with assistance from Nathan and Madison Eichmann, the musical director and his wife Monika’s children. There were four $100 winners, two who immediately donated their prizes back to the BlaskapelleDanke schön to Mr. and Mrs. Donase, and Wolfgang Bering! 

Before the last song of the program was played, George Schleis and Kathi Steiner Cole came up to speak, thanking all the amazing people who made this wonderful event possible.  The program ended, fittingly, with “Bis Bald Auf Wiedersehen”, letting everyone know that the Carpathia Blasmusikanten will be back! We hope everyone enjoyed the Concert, and we look forward to performing for you throughout the year!

The Carpathia Blasmusikanten would like to thank Carpathia Club for their generous support of the Spring Concert and Fundraiser.   There were many volunteers who gave their time and skills, for which we are truly appreciative.  We would like to thank you for your effort.  We would also like to acknowledge the many generous donations that we received.  We are inspired by everyone’s support and well wishes, and we’re honored to have performed for you tonight.  Thank you!

A spirited solo für zwei Trommeln, “Der Solotromm-lermarsch”, performed by Nick Bering (l) and Paul Schwalbe (r).



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