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Standard Size 1 Column x 1 Inch = $21.50
1/4 Page      4 Columns x 8 Inches = $645.00
1/2 Page      6 Columns x 10 Inches = $1290.00
Full Page      6 Columns x 21 Inches  $2580.00

Volume Discount offered on an Annual Basis for Each Advertiser

6 times @ 5%
12 times @ 10%
26 times @ 15%
52 times @ 25%


Nordamerikanische Wochen­-Post rates are structured to allow heavy discounts for advertisers who run every week since maintaining a regular presence before the buying audience provides maximum ad response.

Frequency discount rates are most heavily discounted, for advertisers able to commit to consecutive insertions Ads are charged based on the frequency for which the advertiser has contracted, from one to 52 weeks.

Once and twice per month contracts offer maximum flexibility and still insure a discount from the base rate. Ads run less than 6 times are charged at the base or onetime insertion rate.

Price is determined by the Real number of inches run in a given issue, which may not fall below 2 inches. Ads not fitting one of our standard sizes are charged for the number of column inches purchased.


N.A. Wochen‑Post is published ev­ery Saturday. Space reservation and copy deadline for display advertising is 5 P.M. Thursday, one week prior to publi­cation. Deadline for camera ready ads (meaning absolutely no typesetting or camera‑work is required), is noon Friday. Cancellations cannot be accepted after the 5 P.M. Friday deadline.


Payment in advance, by 5 P.M. Friday prior to publication, is required of all advertisers until credit can be estab­lished.

Clients granted credit are required to pay upon receipt of invoice. A 1.5% service charge per month is added to any account with a balance outstanding 30 days from the date of invoice.

In the event of an advertiser break­ing a Contract short rate billing will occur, and the advertiser will be rebilled at the rate reflective d the ads actually run.

The N.A. Wochen-Post reserves the right to revise its advertising rates at any time. Announcement of an increase shall be made 30 days in advance to contract advertisers. Advertising con­tracts protect only the frequency discount level for the advertiser, not the price. All space is billed by the rate card in effect at time of insertion.

The N.A. Wochen-Post will accept payment via Check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Foreign customers may pay directly into our German bank account upon request.

Should payment to the N.A. Wochen­-Post be returned (NSFs, etc.) the advertiser will be charged an additional $25, due immediately. Future advertis­ing must be paid for with cash or certified check.


All rates listed, including special fees and premiums, are gross. A 15% com­mission from gross rates only is granted to recognized, accredited advertising agencies, provided that the account is paid in full within 90 days of publication.

Commission is not allowed on cost of color, artwork, conversion charges, reprints, or non‑display classified ad­vertising.

Advertisers are held responsible for advertising space charges and associ­ated production fees in the event an advertiser’s agency defaults on payment due the N.A. Wochen-Post.


Publisher reserves the right to re­vise, reject or omit any advertisements at any time.

Errors do happen. It is standard newspaper policy to grant credit only if an error obviously and materially affects the drawing power of the ad. This is also the policy of the N.A. Wochen-Post. Full credits are rare, and in no case can our liability exceed the cost of the space actually occupied. All credits will be applied toward the next adver­tisement placed. No refunds will be made. Should an advertisement fail to appear in the publication as specified in contracted agreement due to the fault of the publisher, the N.A. Wochen‑Post will publish the ad in the next consecu­tive issue. No other restitution is implied or expressed.

It is understood and agreed that the forwarding of an order or copy consti­tutes an acceptance by the advertiser and agency of all terms and conditions of the current N.A. Wochen‑Post rate card and contract.

The N.A. Wochen‑Post attempts to fulfill position requests but assumes no responsibility for failure to do so.

Advertiser and his agent(s) acknowl­edge that Publisher shall not be liable for its failure, for any cause, to print, publish or circulate all or any part of any issue in which advertiser’s advertise­ment is contained.

Advertiser and agency agree to indemnity, defend and save harmless the publisher from any and all liability for content of advertisements printed (in cluding text, illustrations, representa­tions, sketches, maps, trademarks, la­bels or other copyrighted matter), or the unauthorized use of any person’s name or photograph, arising from the publi­shers reproduction and publication of such advertisements pursuant to the advertisers or agencies order.

Advertising set to resemble news matter must carry the word “advertise­ment” at the top of the advertisement Type for heading, text, etc.., shall not be the same as used in N. A. Wochen‑Post editorial copy.


Retail advertising rates are avail­able to advertisers who sell directly to the public through one or more retail stores which they own and operate in Publisher’s normal area of distribution. All other business advertisers qualify for national advertising rates only. Re­tail and classified advertising rates are available upon request.


Color - B/W plus one color $125
Color - full process color $350
(plus stripping and separations).

All basic production work, including design, typesetting and layout, is free.

85 line screens are required for B/W and process color/ Right reading, emulsion down negatives with 3M color-key, chromalin proof or match print required for process color.

Our in-house art and production service, is available to all advertisers to provide finished artwork.

Release Fees

The N.A. Wochen-Post holds copyright to all ads pro­duced by the N.A. Wochen-Post, but encourages repro­duction of its ads in other media. Release fees of $25 for ads of a quarter page or less and $35 for ads larger than a quarter page will be charged to the advertiser.


  • Full Page Size - 6 Columns: 12 7/16 inches x 21 inches
  • 1 Column  1 7/8 inches
  • 2 Columns 4 Inches
  • 3 Columns 6 1/8 inches
  • 4 Columns 8  3/16 inches
  • 5 Columns  10 5/16  inches
  • 6 Columns  12 7/16  inches

    Click here to view a pdf file of the specs


  • The Wochen-Post is perhaps America's fastest growing ethnic newspaper. Circulation has increased more than 70% in the past 18 months.
  • We have subscribers in 49 of the 50 states.  Alaska is the only state without any Wochen-Post readers.
  • The Wochen-Post is used as a teaching aid in many American Universities and High Schools.
  • Each newspaper distributors has many readers.
  • A recent readership survey states that Wochen-Post readers are better educated, earn higher incomes, own their own homes and average two or more automobiles per household.
  • Many merchants advertise weekly in the Wochen-Post. There must be a good reason.
  • The Wochen-Post is printed with low-rub ink. So the ink stays on the newspaper, not on your hands.
  • The Wochen-Post contains all the information you  need to keep abreast of the latest happenings in German speaking  Europe.....and it contains lots of local information, too.
  • Since 1854 the Wochen-Post has been delivering the news to German speaking Americans. While hundreds of newspapers across the nation have failed, the Wochen-Post continues to satisfy thousands of German American readers.
  • The Wochen-Post staff is dedicated to assembling America's best German language newspaper. We never stop looking for new ways to improve.

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