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Deutsche Schule Ann Arbor

2. Woche: 25. April; Write-up & Open House Reminder

Open House at the “Deutsche Schule Ann Arbor”

The “Deutsche Schule Ann Arbor” (DSAA) will host its annual Open House on Saturday, April 30, 2011 from 11am until 1pm at 3540 Dixboro Lane, Ann Arbor 48105 (in “Go Like the Wind Montessori School”).

The school was founded in December 2007 by parents who wanted to give their bilingual children the opportunity to enhance their German skills through reading, writing, games, songs and movies.

The goals of the school are (1) to develop its students’ proficiency in German via formal and informal instruction and the use of academic textbooks from kindergarden level and higher and (2) to introduce the students to German speaking countries’ cultural heritage and role in the global community and economy.

Classes offered at the DSAA are for children in German and German as a second language as well as for adults in German as a foreign language. They usually take place twice a month from 9:30am to noon, September through June.

Cultural celebrations give students an opportunity to learn the historic significance of events and celebrate the way people in German-speaking countries do. Celebrations include Sankt Martins Feier, Nikolausfeier, Fasching, Easter and a summer party.


The DSAA offers the following services to its students, their parents and teachers:

·        Class sizes of no more than 10 students for an ideal learning environment.

·        Students of the University of Michigan German Department have the chance to practice their German while supporting the students during their classes.

·        Trial class for students who want to try out the lessons.

·        During school hours, access to a library for students as well as a library with materials for the teachers. Both libraries are updated regularly. The library for the students includes German books for all ages, CDs, DVDs,  games and comics.

·        Two training seminars for the teachers per school year organized by a trainer in the Trainer Network Central of the Goethe-Institut Chicago.

·        Contact with German speaking professionals for children with special needs.

·        Opportunity for parents to participate in the DSAA parent organization. Experienced professionals and educators are helping to contribute to the school’s and the students’ success.

·        Parent-Participation Program: The goal of this program is to get all families of the DSAA students involved in the school’s activities to be able to offer a diverse program while the tuition is kept at an affordable level.

·        Stammtisch for interested parents.


Considering that the school is still very young, we do enjoy the support of the following organizations:

·        German Government (http://www.germany.info/gic/)

·        Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen (http://www.auslandsschulwesen.de)

·        Goethe Institut (http://www.goethe.de/ins/us/chi/lhr/deindex.htm)

·        University of Michigan, Germanic Languages and Literatures (http://www.lsa.umich.edu/german)

To read more about the DSAA history, go to the Stuttgarter Zeitung website:  http://www.stuttgarter-wochenblatt.de/stz/page/2540716_0_9223_-deutschunterricht-im-herzen-der-usa.html

Weihnachtsaktivitaeten 2010.

Nicht nur pauken, sondern auch mal basteln.  Denn Bildungssprache muss ja auch geuebt werden!

Der Rabe Socke („Rabe Socke“, Esslinger Verlag) wird als Puppentheater im Kidnergarten vorgefuehrt und die Kinder der Kindergartengruppe schauen aufgeregt zu. Dezember 2010


St. Martinsfeier 2010-

Durch die Strassen auf und nieder - leuchten die Laternen wieder - rote, gelbe, grüne, blaue - lieber Martin, komm und schaue!




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