18 November, 2014


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Carpathia Chor & Frauengruppe host an evening of music and friendship

Frauengruppenleiterin Irene Dietz with Kathi Dietz, Kathi Heide, Otti Amann  and Stefi Schultz.

Sterling Heights - On Saturday the 19th of May, the Carpathia Gemischter Chor (Chorus) and the Carpathia Frauengruppe (Ladies Group) hosted a joint banquet at the Carpathia Hall in Sterling Heights.  Guests at the event were treated to an evening of poems and songs, as well as tables overflowing with raffle prizes that included dozens of colorful hanging baskets, potted plants, and gift cards.

Tables throughout the hall were decorated by the Frauengruppe with the yellow and blue colors of Carpathia and topped off with cheerful potted marigold centerpieces provided by the Chor.  The evening started with a cocktail hour that allowed guests to mingle and enjoy a drink from the bar, which was tended by Michael Bering and Mike Morelli.

After a Tischgebet by Elizabeth Toepfner of the Frauengruppe, Banquet Manager Darin Lenhardt called up tables to a delicious buffet prepared by the evening’s lead chef, Rosa Grusling.  The dinner included roasted chicken, sliced roast beef in gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans almandine, and a salad of mixed greens.  After dinner, guests were treated to a delicious dessert prepared by the Chor that included pound cake topped with colorful sliced fruit and whipped cream.

After the dinner, Chorleiterin Resi Olsavsky opened the program by introducing dignitaries and guests from other organizations. Carpathia Second Vice President Arthur Beneker then welcomed everyone to the club on behalf of the Executive Board. 

The evening’s program started with the Frauengruppe.  The ladies marched into the hall and lined up on the risers set up in front of the stage.  Frauengruppenleiterin Irene Dietz then greeted guests and provided some background information about the group.  The Frauengruppe was founded in 1966, with Resi Schneider serving as the first leader.  The ladies cook and bake for the club and host three annual events: a Card Party, a Fashion Show, and the joint banquet with the Chor.  The group meets the third Wednesday of each month and takes two to three trips each year, mostly to casinos. 

Irene remembered two long-time members who passed away this past year: Helga Reinhardt and Leni Blasius.  Recognition awards for 40 years of membership in the group were then handed out to five ladies: Stefi Schultz, Otti Amann, Kathi Dietz, Kathi Heide, and Leni Kolling.  The Frauengruppe’s program then concluded with poems recited in both German and English by Mary Ann Virchow, Margaret Pelvay, Karin Schwalbe, Anna Wunsch, and Irene Dietz.

The second part of the evening’s program was provided by the Carpathia Gemischter Chor.  As with the Frauengruppe, the Chor marched into the hall and lined up in front of the stage. Resi Olsavsky remembered Joe Lorenz, a long-time member who passed away recently and then presented two award certificates to both Joe and Mary Lorenz for ten years of dedication to the Chor.

The Chor, conducted by Erwin Aufdemberge and accompanied on piano by Lisa Meredith, then treated everyone to six songs:

„Die Nachtigall” - By Mendelsohn and Bartholdy

„Das Lieben bringt groß’ Freud”  - By A. v. Othegraven

„Die Gedanken sind frei” - By W. v. Baußnern

„Oh, what a beautiful morning” - By Rodgers and Hammerstein

„Beim Kronenwirt” - By W. Knöchel

„Heureigen” - By Voß and Schulz, Arranged by H. Lang

The performance was met with great applause.  Afterward, the Chor presented a bouquet of flowers to Mrs. Olsavsky, the group marched out, and the floor was opened up to everyone for dancing to the music of the Enzian Band.  Later in the evening, during a band intermission and after everyone had the opportunity to purchase tickets, the beautiful hanging baskets, potted flowers, gift cards, and several other donated prizes were raffled off, with nearly every table ending up with several winners.  The event was a great success.  To see additional information about upcoming events at the Carpathia Club, visit our website at www.carpathiaclub.com. 

Linda J. Gerhardt, Ph.D.

Carpathia Club Press Secretary

Chorleiterin Resi Olsavsky received a bouquet of flowers from the choir members.



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