18 November, 2014


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Fall Fashions on Display at Carpathia Club

The 14 Models for the 2012 Carpathia Frauengruppe Fall Fashion Show: left to right, back row: Resi Gerber, Irene Dietz, MaryAnn Virchow, Karin Schwalbe, Ann Szymanski, and Mellissa Morelli; front row: Stefi Schultz, Kathy Schuck, Inge Pfropper, Anna Marie Tittjung, Mary Stefan, Marie Eppich, Katharina Schwager, and Terry Foster.

Sterling Heights - On Wednesday, the 17th of October, the Carpathia Frauengruppe (Ladies Group) hosted their annual Fall Fashion Show at the Carpathia Hall in Sterling Heights.  Nearly 200 guests, including 3 tables of Red Hat Ladies and even a table of gentlemen, filled main hall for the popular afternoon event.  Those who attended were treated to a delicious luncheon, followed by the latest fall fashions provided by Dress Barn of Utica, as well as a raffle of donated prizes that included everything from potted mums to bottles of wine and gift cards.

Before lunch was served at just past noon, guests had the opportunity to mingle or enjoy a drink from the bar, which was tended by Carsten Grotloh.  After a welcome greeting from Frauengruppe Leiterin Irene Dietz, Carpathia Manager Karen Beattie called tables to lunch buffets set up on either side of the hall.  The delicious prepared by lead cook Rosa Grusling and her team included Carpathia’s famous chicken Schnitzel, as well as oven roasted potatoes, a vegetable medley of broccoli and cauliflower, and a salad of mixed greens.  After lunch, guests were treated to a dessert that consisted of a slice of tart lemon layer cake and fresh-brewed coffee.

The afternoon’s program started with the introduction of Lynn Burns and Stephanie Clement, representatives from the Dress Barn, located on Hall Road in Utica.  Fourteen Carpathia Club members, including Irene Dietz, Inge Pfropper, Mary Ann Virchow, Resi Gerber, Karin Schwalbe, Kathy Schuck, Stefi Schultz, Melissa Morelli, Mary Stefan, Marie Eppich, Terry Foster, Anna Marie Tittjung, Ann Szymanski, and Katharina Schwager, then modeled the latest trends in fall fashion.

The models started off the show with casual outfits they selected for themselves, including jeans, casual slacks, layering t-shirts, jackets, and sweaters.  As each model entered the hall and walked around the dance floor, Lynn Burns from the Dress Barn described the various pieces and provided the cost of the outfit.  Models then walked around the guest tables on either side of the hall so guests could get a closer view of each outfit.  Following the display of casual wear, models entered the hall wearing career wear separates, including suits, slacks, blazers, and sweaters.  After a short break to allow the models to change, they entered wearing beautiful evening fashions, including dresses of various lengths as well as two-piece sets.

After the completion of the evening wear display, all of the models lined up in front of the stage, where Irene Dietz gave them each a small thank you bouquet.  Guests showed their appreciation by giving all of the models a hearty round of applause.  Bouquets and special thanks were also given to Lynn Burns and Stephanie Clement of the Dress Barn by Irene Dietz.

Throughout the afternoon, members of the Frauengruppe sold tickets for the final event of the afternoon – the raffle.  Guests lined up their tickets and Irene Dietz called numbers in quick succession, as ladies from the Frauengruppe delivered the various prizes to the lucky winners.  By three in the afternoon, Fashion Show 2012 had drawn to a close.  The annual event was a great success.  To see additional information about upcoming events at the Carpathia Club, visit our web site at www.carpathiaclub.com. 

Linda Gerhardt

Frauengruppe Leiterin Irene Dietz Modeling a Purple Chiffon Blouse with Palazzo-Style Slacks

Ann Szymanski Modeling a Shimmering Evening Wear Dress

Karin Schwalbe Modeling a Career Wear Tweed Jacket and Skirt Set



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