18 November, 2014


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Carpathia Jäger Bankett  – Wild and Fun

Carpathia Jäger-Tony Brandelik Jr. is enjoying a beer with guest Manfred Milner.

By Monica Forest

The whole vibe of the Carpathia Jäger Bankett is wild and fun.  The obvious reference to wild is the delicious wild game dinner that cannot be found anywhere else.  But, the event is more than just inviting friends for a unique meal.  There is a wild vibe that comes through the whole event.  Maybe it’s simply the right mix of people ready to have a good time. 

So, what made this year’s Jäger Bankett so fun? 

First, dinner was fantastic.  It is one of the biggest reasons people bring their friends and family.  Every guest is impressed with the entire meal’s flavor and variety.  Best of all, everyone is invited to try each entree - wild boar, venison and Carpathia’s famous Schnitzel.  This year, the venison was particularly popular. 

Tom Forest, Carpathia Jäger President, officially opened the event with welcomes and many heartfelt thanks.  Welcomes started by introducing friends in other shooting groups:  the Kolping Society, Deutsch-Amerikanischer Schützenverein, and the Rhine-Danube Sportsmen Club of Leamington, Canada.  Thanks went to the many people that helped make the event a success with everything from venison and Knödel to set-up and encouragement.

A cool, new feature at this year’s Bankett was the photo display.  Computers were set up for people to view Jäger photos - everything from vintage hunting photos to very funny picnic pictures of the guys in the 80’s.  Did one of the Jäger really wear a neon-splattered, open-sided tank top?!  We laughed at the awful truth!

Finally, here are some extra highlights:  the Jäger sent thirty-seven texts to Tom Forest during his speech (funny!), lots of women chose to wear cute dirndls or daring animal prints (love it!), and people had fun pronouncing each other’s names with a German accent all night.  Remember the guys singing at the bar, the girls dancing barefoot, and everyone wanting the Party in a Basket raffle prize?  If not, then you’d better be at the Bankett next March!

If you can’t wait until the next Jäger Bankett, the Jäger Königsball will be here on October 13, 2012.  Where the Bankett is relaxed and irreverent, the Königsball is elegant and upscale. 

The Carpathia Jäger Königsball is truly a ball with flare.  There will be an international wine tasting and, to give it a Jäger quality, wild game appetizers will be served.  The popular band, Enzian, will be playing that night so be prepared to dance as well.  We hope to see you there.

The next function of the Carpathia Club is the 50th anniversary of the youth group on May 5. 

Then on May 13th, Mother‘s Day, a brunch will be served from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. On the menu? a delicious Breakfast, Omelet & Carving Stations, Pastry Buffet, Coffee & Juice Bar. Cost for members $20, non-members $22, Children $10. Reservations are required – Please call 586-978-2292 or Email at carpathiaclub@comcast.net for details.

The Carpathia Choir and the Frauengruppe are looking foward to your attending the concert and banquet on May 19th. Maria Dosenberger will gladly take your reservation, ontact her at 586.822.2366 or email mdosenberger@comcast.net

Allisson Hammer and Sara Tittjung: Were the heels too high, or did they dance too much?

This is what it‘ is all about in Carpathia, Adam Schwager hugging his aunt Mary Stefan.



Last modified on:02/25/2014

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