18 November, 2014


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Deutsche Schule Metro Detroit Celebrating National German Exam Award at Wayne State University

Six students from Deutsche Schule Metro Detroit - among others - were awarded with a certificate of merit.

Troy - On Saturday, April 16, 2011, six students from Deutsche Schule Metro Detroit among others were awarded with a certificate of merit by Melissa King, President of the AATG Michigan Chapter, and Mitchell D. Place, Ph.D., Affiliate Professor of German at Grand Valley State University.  All students scored at a 90% level or higher on their National German Exam.  The award ceremony was made possible by the Uwe K. Faulhaber Endowment and hosted by Dr. Mark Ferguson, Director, Junior Year in Munich at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Our students were invited to the complimentary luncheon at Wayne State University followed by the award ceremony.  Around one hundred participants, parents and students, learned at the luncheon about the work and significance of the American Association for Teachers of German (AATG). 

AATG became the most important voice for the German language at this educational and informative event.  Teachers and administrators participated at the workshop before the award ceremony and were informed about German programs in the USA.  Guest speaker Dr. Gregory H. Wolf from North Central College Naperville, Illinois, gave an overview on why German is so important nationally and particularly in Michigan.  He pointed out that our state has a total of 18,260 German students, which puts us in 7th position nationally.  

According to Wolf, Germany is an economic powerhouse, and that is reason enough to encourage and sustain German programs at all educational institutions.  He also encouraged teachers and instructors to participate actively in promoting German language and culture and to involve parents.  By encouraging students to test out of German courses, a student can save tuition on up to 8 credit hours which can be seen as a scholarship.

Dr. Wolf talked about K-12 Programs and Post-Secondary Programs.  This exemplifies our German language school’s important role in promoting the German language.  In that capacity we can offer a bridge to the German language and culture for families who speak German at home, German-American families who live in the US and those who move back to a German speaking country after a few years.  The Deutsche Schule Metro Detroit offers programs for children ages two and up.  Our German language program is based on the Bavarian curriculum, and our German as a foreign language program follows the Common European Framework for languages. All of our teachers are qualified, degreed, professional educators.   

On a personal note, I would like to add that after this event I came to more fully understand how important the work of AATG is, how much this organization is helping all German programs, and how much teachers as well as parents need to become involved.  

Our school has recently been made part of the PASCH Initiative - “Schulen. Partner der Zukunft” (Schools, Partners for the Future.  Our school administers the National German Exam, level 1 through 4 offered by the American Association for Teachers of German.  We also prepare our students for the Advanced Placement testing at the university level and we offer the “Zentrale Deutschprüfung A2/B1”- a German exam administered in cooperation with the Zentralstelle für das Auslandschulwesen (Center for German Programs Abroad).  Deutsche Schule Metro Detroit is an accredited testing location for the Europäische Fernhochschule Hamburg GmbH and the FernUniversität in Hagen and we proctor exams for students throughout the entire year.  

If you or your child is interested in learning the German language, please feel free to contact at us at any time e-mail: gnc3333@aol.com or (248) 693-9341) or visit our website at www.deutscheschulemetrodetroit.com  

We also offer private and corporate German language classes for adults at our or your company location.

Regina Weiss

Deutsche Schule Metro Detroit



Last modified on:02/25/2014

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