18 November, 2014


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Germania Club Downriver celebrates their 41st German American Festival

The 41st Annual German-American Festival packed the house on both days.

Brownstown  - Our 41st Annual German-American Festival was held on June 1 and 2 this year.  Six weeks of committee meetings and countless hours of planning with a healthy dose of physical labor paid off as we were able to pack the house on both days. A big “Thank You” to our friends from the Austrian Society, the GBU Saxonia Rheingold, the GACC, the Lansing Liederkranz, and the representatives from the City of Brownstown, who attended in big numbers.

On Friday, the festivities started off with music provided by the Sorgenbrechers; their lively tunes were enjoyed by all of our guests. The evening continued with the largest Flag Parade that our club has enjoyed in years. The US flag was carried by treasurer Scott Floyd, the German flag by festival chair Sabine Aytes, the Austrian National flag by Bob and Walter Kokal, the Austrian Society flag by president Guenther Braeuner, the GBU Saxonia Rheingold flag by president Edith Kupplent, the GACC flag by president Marianne Kranzer, the Michigan flag by Julian Aytes, the City of Brownstown flag by Supervisor Andy Linko, the Germania Club flag by vice president Randy Krueger, the Germania Karneval Group flag by  Denise Lucas, the Germania Shooting Group flag by Kathy Baganz, the flags of the Cities of Wyandotte and Dearborn by Austin Floyd and Simon Aytes, followed by our youngest members Griffin Aytes and Ansley Floyd waving small American and German Flags.

On Saturday two popular bands provided music for listening and dancing - the Martin Brothers played in the afternoon and The Rhinelanders entertained in the evening. It was great to see so many people on the dance floor enjoying themselves. The appearance of the Jaegermeister Girls in the evening added to the fun. 

Our many volunteers prepared, cooked and served delicious food - Knackwurst, Bratwurst, potato salad, Sauerkraut, Schnitzel, and steak tartar sandwiches. Siegfried Rickert, with the help of his apprentice, his grandson Julian Aytes, gave us one more year of delicious potato pancakes. The way that people lined up for this yearly treat was really a great thing to see. 

Steve Aytes, our bar and beverage chairman, had an outstanding selection of beer and beverages on hand and none of our guests had to go away thirsty.

Once again the Weinstube, headed by Denise Lucas, was a glowing success. It provided a calm oasis, beautifully decorated, where people could enjoy a glass of wine and conversation.

The Pastry Kitchen was full of life and decadent treats thanks to Kathy Baganz talent for baking. The Schwarzwaelder Kirsch and Haselnusstorten were a great hit.

The Shooting Booth in the North Hall made a welcome return this year. Thanks to Steve Gornyecz for constructing the booth, and to his trusty assistant Simon Aytes who helped keep safety first during all the fun. Our heartfelt thank you to all who came to help us celebrate our 41st German American Festival. We hope to see you again at a future event. You can visit us on facebook or on our website www.germaniaclub.com.

Siglinde Rickert

President, Germania Club Downriver



Last modified on:02/25/2014

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