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Eine wundervolle "Erlebnisreise mit Musik"

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40th Anniversary of the Carpathia Seniors

Sterling Heights - The 40th Anniversary of the Carpathia Seniors was held on Sunday the 31th of July 2016.

Resi Gerber, Leader of the Senior Group & Karin Schwalbe, President of Carpathia welcomed everyone. The prayer before the meal was said by Liesel Toepfner. A delicious pork chop dinner with all the trimmings plus a tasty dessert was served. Everything was delicious…compliments to the ladies in the kitchen.

Franz Dosenberger, Resi Gerber (m) and Betty Brandelik

A short program followed with Margaret Pelvay as the Mistress of Ceremonies. 40 years ago, Adam Medel had the inspiration to suggest to Heinrich Gerstheimer to establish the Carpathia Senior Group. The Group started in the old Carpathia Hall in Warren. The Seniors met once a week. At the beginning not only were cards played but songs were sung and even a dance group was established. This Dance Group did quite a bit of traveling to show off their accomplishments.

The following is a list of the dedicated leaders of the Group from inception to the present:

Franz Hubert † 1978 - 1085

Franz Mussar 1985 - 1989

Peter Schiltz 1989 - 1995

Anna Fellinger 1995 - 2008

Adam Medel 2008 - 2011

Rosie Grusling 2011 – 2016

Resi Gerber 2016 – Present

The program continued with 4 poems read by Helmut Egger, Lisa Gerstheimer and Franz Dosenberger of the Seniors. Two of the poems were written by Lisi Rebl, also a member of the Group. Lisi is a very talented poet. The Carpathia Blassmusikanten entertained us & brought people onto the dance floor. During an intermission, the Carpathia Mixed Choir took over the program with a few songs with much applause. Afterwards, the Blassmusikanten continued playing esp. the old songs with many visitors joining in by singing and swaying with the music. It was a beautiful afternoon.

The Seniors meet every Tuesday at approx. 8:30 a.m. to play cards, chat or try to solve the problems of the world. If you are 50+ years of age, come join us. You only need to be a member of Carpathia. We serve lunch for a nominal fee. Hope to see some new members.

Please mark your calendar for the Carpathia Seniors’ Card Party on Sunday November 6th.

Betty Brandelik

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