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"Der Vogel ist gefallen...": Schuetzenfest at the DASV

Auburn Hills - This year’s Schuetzenfest is now an event that is history. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening. Guests arrived in droves (we enjoyed watching them come through the gate at a steady pace). The greeters at the gate were pleasant and friendly, and welcomed the guests with smiles. Mary Hundich, ticket chairman, wishes to thank the greeters -- you know who you are. Parking supervisor Ted Hundich and his helpers had their hands full. The parking was even extended to the lot next door. Ted also wants to thank his helpers. Vice President Kenneth Burney opened the program with the Schuetzen Member’s Parade through the Park and escorted outgoing King Paul Werner and his Queen Virginia to the area where the speeches and introductions were made.

After welcome greetings from the DASV President Jim Binder, the Schuetzenmembers marched to the rear of the Park to begin the Trophy shooting for the new Schuetzenkoenig for the year 2017. Since there were many contenders for this honorable position it took several hours before the result came in.

The new Schuetzenkoenig is: Joe Borgesen and his Queen Lorain.

DASV - Hofstaat 2017 - The Royal Court: (from left to right) Right-wing, Johann Krenzer, Cown Prince, Arthur Pscheidl, King Joseph Borgesen, Left-wing, Kenneth Burney.

Kronprinz is Arthur Pscheidl; Rechter-Fluegelmann is Johann Krenzer and Linker-Fluegelmann is Kenneth Burney. Congratulations to the entire new Schuetzen Hofstaat.

The swearing-in ceremony was joined by serious applause as everyone approved and were happy with today’s outcome.

In the meantime guests and members alike partook in the friendship and cameraderie with eating and drinking. It was time to get reacquainted with friends. The Outdoor kitchen, as well as the bar, were kept busy keepingthe hungry and thirsty crowd pleased with their meal.

Marianne Krenzer organized a Parade for the children, and then had a game of looking for coins in a pile of sand, Also we had a Bounce-House for the kids. The younger generations had fun at the ‘Schiessbude’. Thanks to the Pscheidl family, aided by Annika Burney, for keeping the range open.

Tommy Schober and his Sorgenbrecher played wonderful and excellent music for everyone taste, and the folk-dance group, Froehliche Kreis, helped keep the crowd entertained.

I’d be remiss in not mentioning that ALL volunteers for this event be given a great big “THANK YOU”. Then without the helpers the Schuetzenfest 2017 would not have been the success it was.

Again we want to thank the outgoing Schuetzenkoenig Paul and Queen Virginia for their wonderful reign the past year and wish this year’s Schuetzenkoenig Joe and Queen Lorain all the best.

Our next big event will be our OKTOBERFEST on Friday evening, September 8th, 2017 at the Schuetzenpark. So mark your calendar for this date so you will not miss out on the fun and cameraderie of the Deutsch-Amerikanischer Schuetzenverein.

Lisa Gerstheimer

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