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GTEV Edelweiss Detroit Honors its Members

Sterling Heights - GTEV Edelweiss Detroit members enjoy a yearly dinner out to recognize our anniversary. This year we were celebrating 85 years of our Verein. After dinner, our Vorstand, Erwin Rauschendorfer, honored a number of Edelweiss members with special awards. Paul Schwalbe and Sue Hoshield received Urkunden for five years of membership. The “Goldenes Edelweiss” is awarded to long time members who have given generously of their time and talents to the betterment of the club. This year Anni Porter, Dennis Hoshield, Michelle Uebrueck, Chrissy Walker, Eric Walker, and Phil Carpentier were given the beautiful gold pin and an Urkunde. President Rauschendorfer thought the awards were finished, but 2. Vorstand Fred Walker stepped forward to announce one more.

The highest award our Verein gives is “Ehrenmitglied.” It’s been many years since this honor was bestowed on a member, but this year it happened! Erwin Rauschendorfer, our Vorstand since 1999, was given the title in part because he has served more years as Vorstand than any other person in our history. Edelweiss is one of many German/Austrian/Swiss clubs in the greater Detroit area, and Erwin does an excellent job of maintaining our ties with them. He has a great passion for Edelweiss, and with this recognition we thank him for his lifelong service to our Verein.

To make the night even more special, Erwin was given a beautiful and meaningful gift. First, a little background. In 1961 our Verein blessed its Vereinsfahne, which was donated to us by Zeno and Caroline Schaefer, Erwin’s uncle and aunt. The flag has been renovated twice, most recently in 2015. At that time, Fahnen Eibl in Bavaria found three small papers sewn between the front and back giving a short history of the flag. When Eibl returned the flag, they enclosed all the pieces of the “old” flag as well as the papers. As a surprise, Rita Dziersk used two corners of the original flag to produce a beautiful shadow box to commemorate Zeno and Caroline’s generosity. Erwin was quite touched by the gift and its connection to his beloved aunt and uncle.

Our honorees with Vorstand Erwin Rauschendorfer, 2.Vorstand Fred Walker, 3.Vorstand Richard Michels, and Schriftführerin Rita Dziersk.

The last part of the evening was spent socializing and enjoying the lively music of our own Siasswasser Tanzlmusi band. After 85 years of upholding our Bavarian traditions, Edelweiss is proud to continue to say “Sitt und Tracht der Alten wollen wir erhalten.”

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