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Another successful Deutsche Tag

Macomb Twp - The weather gods were certainly with the German American Cultural Center for the annual Deutsche Tag.

All the preperations for the event certainly paid off. The German-American community is certainly privileged to have this wonderful park in which to hold the Deutsche Tag. The Austrian Society members and friends have put in many hours to keep this beautiful in great shape for all to enjoy. First timers to the park remark how much it makes them feel like they are back in Germany and Austria. The 13 member clubs of the GACC all came together again to host a great day of Gemütlichkeit

The workers started to get the park ready and put the finishing touches on early Sunday morning for all to enjoy. The Herb & Herb band along with Erwin started the entertainment at noon. During the breaks, several different Carpathia dance groups showed the guests some of their heritage dances. Once the food started getting served the aroma enticed others to get in line. This year we tried something new by having a food vendor, Deutschtroit, offer up some of their specialties. Currywurst, Schnitzel dinner and Schnitzel sandwiches were on the menu. The Wurstbar area, serving up Weisswurst, Kanackwurst and hot dogs, was manned by members of the Austrian Society. The cakes and Torte were baked by the Carpathia Choir ladies, The poppy seed and almond rolls were quite tasty. All areas - pop bar, wine and beer bars, as well as gate and ticket sellers were all staffed by members of our 13 clubs.

The 18 member SchwabenCombo Band from Bavaria Germany entertained all with a fresh new sound. fotos compliments of Curt Kitter

Of great anticipation of course was the arrival of the SchwabenCombo band that , for the first time was here in the United States. They had been in Cleveland for 5 days and were heading to Chicago after their stay here in our area. After driving from Cleveland they were ready to try our cuisine and have a drink. The parade of flags was lead by the honor guard of the DASV Schützen, followed by the flags of our affiliated clubs. The Michigan Sangerbezirk, Carpathia Choir, GBU Saxonia/Rheingold Choir & Schwäbische Männerchors led in the singing of the national anthems of the United States, Deutschland, Österreich and the Schweiz. The choir then entertained the guests with a potpourri of German Wanderleider. The President of the GACC then welcomed all attending, and wished everyone a enjoyable afternoon. She also had the pleasure to acknowledge the German-American of the year 2017 Karin Schwalbe and introduce the new recipient of the award, Marianne Krenzer.

Marianne will receive the award at the Oct. 6th German-American day celebration and all were invited to attend this event This was followed by the Kinderparade.

Soon it was time to hear the 18 member SchwabenCombo Band from Bavaria Germany. These band members ranging from 20 to 40 guys and gals really put on a great music show. It wasn’t long before the dance floor was filled and the everyone was dancing and singing to old favorites and some of the new Schlager tunes currently being sung in Germany. The contrast of, and versatility of, the band was truly enjoyed and hasn’t been forgotten.

During band breaks the GTEV Edelweiss Volkstanzgruppe entertained the crowd with traditional dances. But even good times have a end hour, and so it was with the Deutsche Tag. The band packed up and then went home with their host families. I heard after, that even after the long day many stayed up and experienced a great evening of friendship. Many thanks to the host families for opening their homes for the band members. The band was very grateful for the warm reception they received in Detroit.

I would like to thank all members of the GACC and our 13 affiliate clubs for again hosting a great day to put in our archives. And to you, our guests, friends, acquaintances: Many thanks for coming out to the Deutsche Tag and supporting our German Heritage See you next year, 2nd Sunday in August.

Mit Freundlichen Grüßen

Ingrid H. Stein

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