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Marianne and Hans Rauer German-Americans of the year

Marianne M Zorn immigrated to the United States from Stuttgart, Germany, in October 1959 where she joined he fiancé Hans H Rauer who was born in Greiffenberg, Schlesien. He came to the United States in 1956 with his parents Wilhelm and Charlotte Rauer and sister Martina. Hans and Marianne got married in Ann Arbor in 1960. They have one daughter Christina MacKellar, who is married to David, and one grandson Branden.

They both worked for the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, and in addition Hans worked for the Greater Beneficial Union of Pittsburgh, formerly known as Deutsher Unterstutzungs Bund (German Beneficial Union) where he served as Regional Vice President, National Vice President, and National President until his retirement.

Marianne and Hans Rauer.

Because of their love for German culture they joined a number of organizations who carried on the traditions and customs they so dearly treasured. They supported Ann Arbor’s German clubs, the GBU District 630, the Ann Arbor Schwabenverein, and Ann Arbor’s German Park Recreation club. They supported German clubs in the Detroit are, GBU Saxonia Rheingold, GU District 821, the Austrian Society’s Straussball, and Detroit’s German American Culture Center, of which they have been a member for over 40 years.

They supported German clubs in the Pittsburgh area, the Teutonia Mannerchor, Ladies Chorus, the Teutonia Hauskapelle, GBU Districts, the Alliance of Germanic Societies of Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh Folk festival.

They served and or supported outreach programs in Ann Arbor and Pittsburgh, privately, and through GBU and Zion Lutheran church, such as Peace Neighborhood Center (for over 37 years), Hope Clinic, safe House, Homeless Shelter Breakfast Program, Salvation Army, St. Louis Center, Food Gatherers, and GBU’s Scholarship Program and a program to reach out , supplying our troops stationed overseas, as well as Ann Arbor’s newest “Kindle Market” (Weihnachts Market).

Additionally, Marianne got involved in German radio broadcasting. For 18 years she brought her German programs to listeners in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

instead enjoyed playing trumpet in Ann Arbor and in Pittsburgh’s Teutonia Männerchor Hauskapelle and he also served as President of the Michigan Fraternal Congress in 1991 and of the Pennsylvania Fraternal Congress in 1997.

Over the years they have both received numerous awards and accolades for their endeavors. To mention just a few, Marianne was awarded the:

German American Friendship Award in 1983

Michigan Fraternalist of the Year Award in 1989 and 2007

GBU Fraternalist of the Year Award in 1983 and 2007

GBU Louis Volz Founders Award in 1998

MVP Fraternalist of America in 2007

Diploma of Honor of the International Robert Stolz Society in1995

Michigan Music Hall of Fame in 2007

Hans was awarded the:

Goldene Nadel of the West German Blasmusik Verband in 1978

GBU Louis Volz Founders Award in 1998

They both chaired and/or held postions in Ann Arbor’s District 630, the Ann Arbor German Society, Ann Arbor’s Tri-Centennial Celebration, Hospitality Committee, Sister City Committee (Tubingen, Germany and Hikoni, Japan), Mulit-Ethnic Alliance, Zion Lutheran church, and Pittsburgh’s Alliance of Germanic Societies, Folk Festival Committee, Fraternal Societies of Greater Pittsburgh, International Classrooms of the University of Pittsburgh, and the Teutonia Mannerchor (Ladies Chorus and Hauskapelle).

They arranged group tours visiting the old country and guided those touring the United States to experience maximum exposure to the cultures of both worlds.

May the future allow them to continue this endeavor for the years to come.

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