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Great Fun at GACC’s 11th Annual Kinderfasching

Sterling Heights - Although Easter is just around the corner, it is still difficult not to reminisce about this year’s Kinderfasching held at the Carpathia Hall on February 15th. As always, this year’s celebration was great fun for our 140 young guests and their families.

The hall was decorated by the GBU with hundreds of colorful hanging balloons and decorations. Our DJ team at Galaxy Productions, Mark Szymanski and Mike Morelli entertained the crowd with a great mix of music and lighting. Before the “Einmarsch”, everyone enjoyed a delicious Schnitzel lunch provided by the Carpathia Hall. After lunch, Prince Mitchell and Princess Elise got the party officially started with the Einmarsch. The children in their elaborate costumes watched the royal couple toss an abundance of candy into the crowd. The celebrating continued with the onset of never-ending games such as the mummy wrap, musical statues, limbo dance and musical chairs.

As with the past 10 Kinderfasching events, the highlight of the afternoon was the bubble wrap dance. Bubble wrap is spread onto the entire dance floor and the children are invited to hop onto the dance floor as Van Halen’s “Jump” starts to play over the speakers. The song is barely heard after the children begin jumping. The sounds coming from the dance floor resembles more July 4th fireworks than a Fasching celebration. The afternoon continued with the best costume contest. During the later part of event, an assortment of paczkis and desserts were offered for the children to enjoy.

Thank you to everyone, especially the German American Cultural Center, for providing the children with the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful German tradition. A big Dankeschoen to Ursula Torp, Andy Griesser, Andrea Edelmann, Cindy Nolte, Monika Kitchen, Gundi Gerhardt and her facepainting girls, Andrea and Katrina. Thank you also to the German Professional Women’s Association for helping with the organization of this event and for providing materials at the craft tables.

Das Prinzenpaar: Prince Mitchell and Princess Elise

If you are interesting in joining our fun-loving Kinderfasching 2016 team, please contact Ursula Torp via e-mail at: ustorp@hotmail.com. We are always looking for more help and new ideas.

In case you did not know, here are some Fasching expressions for you to learn for next year’s event: Alaaf!-Carnival greeting in the Kölsch (dialect of Cologne). Helau!-Carnival greeting in Düsseldorf. Büttenrede-A rhyming humorous Carnival speech, Fastnacht-the night before the Fastenzeit (Lent). Die närrische Saison-Fasching, Karneval.

Christina Griesser – info@gpwa-usa.com


Musical Chairs


Best Costume Contest


Mummy Wrap


The Highlight of the Event – the Bubble Wrap Dance

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