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Great Milwaukee Liederkranz Maennerchor Spring Concert with Milwaukee D.A.N.K. Chor Singers

Milwaukee - The Sunday after Easter was an exceptional afternoon as the Milwaukee Liederkranz Maennerchor celebrated its 137. Spring concert by inviting the Milwaukee D.A.N.K. singers to join them in song and friendship at the renown Schwabenhof hall in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. It was an afternoon of sheer pleasure as the Liederkranz chor started off the concert with their traditional “Milwaukee Liederkranz Grußlied”. Other songs followed were: “Der Jaeger Abschied” , Ânnchen von Tharau”, “Der Einsiedler an die Nacht”, “Das Leben bringt Gross’ Freud”, “Gürtel und Tüchlein” and the outstanding performance of the “Zwoelf Raeuber”; the solo part being performed by young Ian Joyal, the bass soloist.

The first part of the concert concluded by singing “Aus der Traube in die Tonne”, all directed by Steven Joyal. Mr. Joyal has directed the Milwaukee Liederkranz for 18 years, winning eight state German Chorus championships during that time.

After a short pause, the Milwaukee D.A.N.K. chor stepped on stage; their first song being sung was “Nun ade , du mein lieb Heimatland”, a song personifying a young soldier marching on.(Origin of song from Westfalen). The Concert continued as the chor sung: ”Lebe, liebe, lache,” “Wahre Freundschaft soll nicht wanken”. The ladies only sang “Auf der Heide blüh’n die letzten Rosen”, but sang together “Im Weissen Roessl” and finished their part with “Als Freunde”. The D.A.N.K. chor was directed by Dr. James Norden who has been the director since 2000. Active as a pianist, a chamber musician and accompanist for many artists in the Milwaukee area, being also the director of the Schwaben Maennerchor since 2001.

The second part of the concert, performed by the Liederkranz included more “upbeat songs”, and three songs sung in English. The were: “Brothers, Sing On!”, “Ei, du Maedchen vom Lande”, “Tiroler Heimweh”, “Mala moja”, “You Do Something for me” and “Sherry”.

The combined choruses: Milwaukee Liederkranz Maennerchor und D.A.N.K. Chor.

The finale of the concert was both combined in singing the ever “Heimweh” song “Dankeschoen und auf Wiederseh’n” to a standing ovation. The D.A.N.K. chor president Jill Shearer presented a hostess gift to the president of Liederkranz Geoff Kroening wishing the Maennerchor good luck in the future and never loosing the spirit of singing the German song.

The Schwabenhof hall was filled to capacity and the public felt elated. Food and beverages were available for sale.

After the concert the “Johnny Hoffmann und seine Herzbuben“ played for the dancing and listening pleasure late in the afternoon and evening.

The Sunday afternoon was a great time to reminisce the essence of this concert. It was a time to remember the purpose to preserve and perpetuate in song the culture and heritage of the Old Homeland. At the same time the singing provided an environment where German is spoken and kept alive in the true German spirit. The Liederkranz has enjoyed the singing and camaraderie since its inception (1878). Milwaukee D.A.N.K. Chor, founded in 1983 by a person who saw the vision and need of a chor, enhancing the beloved German Folksongs and serious music.

It is important to keep the German language alive in song, dance and many cultural activities. This mission must be instilled in the children and younger generation in years to come.

The D.A.N.K. chor is deeply honored and thankful to be chosen as guest performers at this year’s Liederkranz annual concert! May the friendship, loyalty and the love of song guide us in atmosphere of German Gemütlichkeit into the future of historical quality.


Live, flourish and prosper, LIEDERKRANZ, into the eternal!

B. Roth

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