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Eine wundervolle "Erlebnisreise mit Musik"

Aus Allen Staaten


A big thank you from the Rauers

President Ingrid H. Stein, Honorary Consul of Germany in Michigan Mr. Frederick Hoffmann, Officers and Members of the German-American Culture Center, affiliated Societies, Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends.

With a very joyful and humble heart we like to thank each and everyone for the most prestigious “German American of the year 2016”award you have bestowed on us. When you receive such a great recognition your heart tells you immediately “WE never accomplished all that on our own” Only with great support from many organizations, their members and friends.

Hans and Marianne Rauer with their plaque. Foto: B. Weidendorf

Therefore please allow me to extend a very big thank you and gratitude for all the support, dedication and enjoyment in planning and strengthening our heritage and culture. I am deeply grateful to the Ann Arbor German Society, The Schwabische Unterstutzungs Verein, GBU District 630 and the German Park Recreation Club. They have supported many programs we brought to the Ann Arbor area.

I also like to thank all the listeners and sponsors for my radio program for their support over 18 years.

Last but not least a big thank you goes to my dear husband Hans and our family. We have supported each other in all our endeavors. May our dedication to futher the German-American culture give us memories for many years to come.

In conclusion please allow me to recognize some people who have been a big part in the past years. General Consul of Germany Dr. Deutz his staff, Adele Reinke, The Nordamerikanische Wochen-Post, Knuth and Kathin Beth, Ingrid Grotloh, Ingrid H. Stein, Elisabth Gatten Manfred Heuser, Art French, Edith Kuplent, Sigfried Charow, Austrian Society Ulli Edelebacher and Edda Sinz and more.

Let us continue with great support and commitment as all have done in the past as German Americans “Bewahr dein Heiligtum, die Sprache das dies die Enkel noch erfreut, bleibe treu der heiligen Muttersprache, dann bleibst du selber dir getreu.

Thank you very much, vielen herzlichen Dank, God Bless America, Ann Arbor this award is for you

Hans’s speech

Ladies, Gentleman and friends:

Thank you for recognizing Marianne an myself. The both of us have really enjoyed or involvement in the German American Cultural scene over the past 40 to 50 years. Weather it was in the Ann Arbor area, the Detroit area, the Toledo area or even in the Pittsburgh area or wether it was taking German visitors and showing them our beautiful America Mid-West or taking Michigan travelers to the old country. We had a wonderful time doing that.

However, when I look at this hall full of guests, who are participating here. I realize that, if it were not for their attendance and loyal support there would not be much of a German-American cultural scene. They do as much to deserve to be recognized as supportive loyal German-Americans and not just for a certain year, but many of them for their support of German-American culture over the last 40-50 years or more.

A “ Thank you “ to all of you

Hans and Marianne Rauer

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Aus Alle Staaten

Aus Alle Staaten

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